Lentil Dish Map

I am Cecilia and I like legumes. Actually, a lot!
Maybe it’s because I grew up next to Linsengericht (Germany), which could be translated into English as „lentil dish“. But in fact, only a few years ago lentils & Co began to play a leading role in my culinary biography: my main source of protein.

As I do like to experiment, this little taste- and playground has been built up, trying to extend the boundaries of the legume-cosmos. Next to traditional dishes, I try and test new and unusual combination and textures, showing the wide range of versatility of legumes as well as playing with their unjustified bad reputation in Germany of being frumpy and unsexy.

But not only recipes, also culture and art, history and stories, sustainable and political issues around the legumes will be looked at here.

Hope you have fun exploring