Easily branded as unsexy and old-school, many legumes eke out only a shadowy existence on the fringes of western societies kitchens. They are from an ancient world, as far back as the Bronze Age, and seem a bit shy and reserved with modern pace. But as we all know ’still waters run deep‘, their fascinating charme and power are only revealed to the ones who are patient and at the same time inwardly strong for the possibility of a small bloating.

So be aware: Beans, peas, and lentils are full of high quality protein, soluble fiber, minerals and vitamins, and low in fat. They are easy and long lasting to store, inexpensive, and have a perfect ecological footprint. They even bring their own nitrogen fertilizier with them. Pulses will make you feel healthy, strong, saturated, and of course beautiful! If you are afraid of all this: Please keep out yourself and your children, and withdraw from this site without panic.

For the remaining, daring people: Explore with me the enormous versatility and variety of these species on our planet. Be curious about their cultural backgrounds, the customs they are involved in, and their immense influence on art. Become familiar with their character, some of them are more easy-going, others just need a bit extra attention to offer their best.

The recipes you will find here represent the beans, peas and lentils in their favourite surroundings. Most of the recipes are easy to handle, consist of only a handful ingredients, and shouldn’t take longer than 30 min. to make, when pulses are precooked or uncanned. As a tip, beans, peas and lentils like very much the companion of grains – like rice, bread, bulgur, quinoa – because that improves even more their high quality protein, it’s then comparable with the one in meat. So this site is vegetarian, apart from Bud Spencers bean meal (as one reference to the extensive art influence of beans even in the movie biz).