The bean king day has to be celebrated!
This ancient custom at the end of the rough nights (25.12. – 6.1.) welcomes you with a royal Galette des Rois and a precious golden paper crown, just when the stormy forces of the midwinter withdraw and the new year starts to reveal.

The rules are simple: An uncooked bean is hidden in the Galette des Rois. Just before cutting the cake, the youngest person has to crawl under the table and annouces from there each person for the next piece of cake. Whoever gets the piece with the bean will be crowned as bean king or bean queen, and allowed to wear the unique headdress. It becomes so really silly when all the others present always call out „Le roi boit“ / „The king drinks“ every time the bean king/queen rises the glass to drink.

This custom has long been practiced in many European countries, but today it is still maintained only in France and Switzerland. And by the way, from the Bean King Day on, beans and peas are allowed to be eaten again after the rough nights!

The beanbeat Bean-King/Queen-Day-Dynasty:
2012: King Frank I.
2013: Queen Judith I. + Crown Princess Antonia I.

2014: Queen Konstanze I.
2015: Queen Lina I. + Queen Marina I.