Ich habe es immer noch nicht geschafft, sie zu besuchen: die Erbseninseln im Osten Dänemarks.


Ever heard of the Peas Islands? According to the legend, God has put extra care on the creation of Bornholm in the east of Denmark. Here he wanted to gather all the loveliness of the world: heath, gardens, rocks, cliffs, fertile farmland, forest and sandy beach. But since the work of Bornholm was so difficult, God had to strengthen with a good Danish pork along with peas. Finally, the miracle was done, the roast pork eaten, God poured the leftover peas into the sea, where they are seen as islands today!

The Peas Islands (Danish: Ertholmene) are the most eastern points of Denmark and became due to its strategic location in the 17th Century, the first upstream naval base in the world. Even today, they are subject to the Danish Department of Defense. Therefore, the approximately 100 permanent residents pay only state taxes, no municipal taxes, and are only allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. Earlier on, retired captains and officers of the navy had the right to settle down here. Later, some fishermen and artist families, especially landscape painters, moved on the Peas Islands. Except for a tractor, the islands are free of traffic.

The two inhabited islands Christianso and Frederikso are connected by an iron suspension bridge, and due to their small sizes are completely visited in about three hours. No dogs and cats are allowed to be kept or brought along because of open drinking water basins. The special atmosphere of this small, self-contained world, is its unique light, the now almost idyllic fortifications and the special flora and fauna.