tonka bean

„Sex sells“ also with beans!
There are lots of rumors about its hypnotic aphrodisiac,
whereas its use in perfumes and also in pipe tobacco is confirmed,
as well as its ban for 10 years in Germany.

Only since 1991 the tonka bean is allowed to be sold again in Germany, and that only in pharmacies.
However, due to the ban was not the aphrodisiac effect of the vanilla like flavor bean,
but its coumarin content.
Coumarin is suspected to be carcinogenic in high doses.
If used sparingly, it is perfect for refining desserts, cakes and Christmas cookies.

In the countries of origin, the Caribbean and northern South America, the tonka beans are attributed magical and with healing powers. It is carried as a good luck charm in the wallet and used in ritual feasts.

In the U.S., the use of tonka bean in food is prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration.