When my mother has brown eyes, my father blue eyes, what eye color could I have?
And my brothers?

Well, there was something, in biology class, once … But why do I mention this at all?
Of course only because a legume can be involved. This time it is the little pea!

Through the pea, the Mendelian principles of heredity got discovered (see photo) and the Augustinian monk Gregor Johann Mendel became the father of genetics.

For those who go for a little refresher: The laws of inheritance were derived by Gregor Johann Mendel (1822 – 1884), a nineteenth-century Augustinian monk conducting hybridization experiments in garden peas. When crossing purebred white flower and purple flower plants for more than ten years, Mendel discoverd the result is not a blend. He conceived the idea of heredity units, which he called „factors“, one of which is a recessive characteristic and the other dominant. When Mendel published his research result, hardly anyone took note of it. Only 30 years after his death, the importance of his experiments was perceived. Today he is considered the father of genetics. (Source:

P.S.: By the way, my brothers and me got blue eyes.