Does your best friend and partner bring out the best in you?
For beans, peas and lentil is this natural… their best friends belong to the grains-clan.
Eating pulses together with rice, corn, wheat, etc. is deeply rooted in many cultures around the world.
In America it is beans with corn, in Asia soy beans/dal with rice, in mediterrean countries chickpeas with barley, and in the south of Germany lentils with spaetzle.

These traditions have their meaning in the complementary amino acid compositions of legumes and grains. Whereas beans, peas and lentils have high lysine, but a low concentration of methionine and sulfur-containing amino acids, the grains have low lysine and a high level of the sulfur-containing amino acids. The matching between 1/3 pulses and 2/3 grain products are perfect! It’s resembles the protein component of an egg…. the top leader for protein.

Even when growing they need each other already. Most beans, peas and lentils are climbing plants and have in grain plants great helpers. In return, the legumes bring nitrogen fertiziler into the soil. „The Three Sisters“, also known as „Milpa“, were a popular cultivation method among the the North American natives, consisting of corn, beans and squash. The corn helps the beans to entwine themselves around, the beans fertilize the soil, and the pumpkin plants protect the soil from drying.